Kim Avery – Sugar Hill, GA

As the mother of four children, two of whom were accepted recently to Georgia Tech, I can’t say enough about our years of experience with Peak Performance. My children had struggled with understanding certain subjects being taught at school. Their Peak Performance tutors took the time to frame the information in a way that was easy for them to understand and that translated into good grades.

I have found that sometimes having tutors who are able to motivate my younger children while taking the time to break subjects down to their level has been another key to their success. As a busy mom having someone else monitor and keep the kids on track has also been very helpful. Developing those good habits early translated into extremely motivated and successful students.

Our family has found Peak Performance helpful even throughout college. One of our boys began to struggle right before a college final. He called Josh and told him he was in over his head and needed help ASAP. Josh saved the day by arranging a competent tutor for the very next day. The tutor spent hours with our son who ended up making an A on his final.

We are very thankful that someone recommend Peak Performance to us years ago. It has helped our children not just become good students but excellent students who are in the top of their class.