Academic Coaching

Peak Performance Education’s in-home Academic Coaching is an all-inclusive approach to education. It does not solely focus on one subject, but rather addresses student performance as a whole. Our students are coached in the development of academic and non-academic skill sets, which empower them to succeed in all areas of their (personal, educational, and career-based) lives. Our goal is to increase students’ overall educational performance levels (grades/GPA, work ethic, attitude) and teach foundational skills (goal setting, time management, study skills) necessary for maintaining success after graduating from our program. When our foundational principles are followed and implemented consistently, over an extended period of time, the student becomes fully prepared for long-term success. Through careful one-on-one analysis, we identify the contributing factors that prevent our students’ from advancing, and develop a plan to improve these areas of deficiency. In addition to fixing problem areas, we also help our students’ to further develop areas of proficiency into areas of excellence.

Academic Coaching Core Principles
1. Accountability
2. Goal Setting and Tracking
3. Attitude Improvement
4. Time Management
5. Strategic Study Skills
6. Work Ethic Development
7. Ownership & Independence